Broken Fences – Full Drama Movie

Posted by faith593 on January 24, 2016
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Broken Fences – Full Drama Movie
Estranged father-son-duo have to get it together when luckless Dylan has to move back in with his father Joe, a rancher in the mountains of Colorado.
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Joe chose a life of isolation, to live in the remote wilderness of Colorado. He is good with his ranch work and seeks no sympathy. One fine evening, Joe gets an unexpected call from his son Dylan, who is out on parole. Dylan does not seem like a man of bad spirit but the ill fate keeps following him. Dylan and Joe are estranged but now that he needs shelter, Joe agrees to take him in. The father son duo is working their way out when Dylan’s bad luck comes knocking.
Director: Troy McGatlin
Cast: Ealra Stewart, Jan Van Sickle, Ryan J. Parker, Wesley Walker
Date: 2008

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