Low Blood Sugar Symptoms — 10 Signs of it, with 3 Alternative Health Ideas to Help!

Posted by diabolique on February 23, 2016
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Low Blood Sugar Symptoms — 10 Signs of it, with 3 Alternative Health Ideas to Help!

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If there is no glucose in the bloodstream or very little, then this is called hypoglycemia. You probably have experienced some of this when you exercised really hard or have gone a while without eating.

Other causes of it would be an illness like kidney or pancreas problems. Using too much prescription medicine, as well as consuming a lot of alcohol can also bring about this problem.

The most common indicator someone has low blood sugars would be hunger, since the body is crying out for energy in order to operate correctly. Your heart could be beating faster and you may be feeling nervous or jittery as your body enters into survival mode. Next your skin might turn cold and clammy as fuel is prioritized to important organs to keep the body running.

If blood sugar levels drop even further it will bring about worse symptoms. A person’s vision could be blurry and they could feel lightheaded, confused and short tempered. I know that If I go without food for a while I begin to get irritable and bad tempered.

Also the person might have difficulties with walking, keeping their balance or driving a car.

Since the body needs sugar to run and if it stops completely what do you think will happen? Exactly a person could easily pass out, and their body could shut down. Seizures can take place and lastly with no sugar the body will cease to operate, and a person could die.

One of the best ways to control blood sugar levels is by ensuring you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. For instance B vitamins have a lot to do with cell health. Various studies show that low levels of vitamin D increases insulin resistance and causes poor control over blood glucose levels.

Someone can get these vitamins through eating food, but it’s very risky. The truth is that most of the food we eat does not have the vitamins and minerals like it used to. I would highly recommend getting a good multi-vitamin to ensure you’re not going to be deficient in any vitamins, which can cause many problems.

There are also some herbal remedies that help with blood sugar levels like ginseng. This herb reverses fatigue, strengthens the heart, nervous system and helps someone think.

Consuming a green tea supplement or drinking the beverage can help. What it does is boost insulin activity that can transport more glucose to where it’s needed.
Many of these herbal remedies someone can get by consuming a dietary supplement. I’m a huge fan of dietary supplements simply because they are convenient to take, and can provide a person with tons of benefits.

The bad news with dietary supplements is the fact that nobody really checks to ensure these products are safe and do what they say. The fact is many government agencies around the world don’t have the resources to check these products before they are sold.

They also think it’s up to companies to make sure their product is safe and does what it states. We both know that in a competitive world it’s going to be tempting for an organization to do whatever it can to earn the most amount of money.

The sad fact is that many supplements on the marketplace have problems. The famous Consumerlabs tested many of the top selling supplement brands and they discovered almost half either have harmful ingredients or they are mislabeled.

To make things a little easier on you I have created a guide that I feel can really help someone in their quest of finding supplements to enhance their health. This guide can share with you a few warning signs you might not be aware of that a product will most likely be harmful to you.

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