SA Sports Crusader Recurve Crossbow Claw Polish part 1

Posted by dieggo98 on February 24, 2016
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Archery calls for the use of a bow and arrow. The bow is always considered necessary to eject the arrow in order for it to hit the objective accurately. Archery has been with us for a long time now. The best crossbow for the money will always be a winner. The wars that occurred in the fourteenth and fifteenth century were fought with arrows and bows as weapons of war. Many tribes still use archery to hunt to this day. It is said that traditional archers are humble, kind hearted and hardworking. The world of Archery could very well be divided into 3 major camps that are well-known as primordial, traditional and modern.

Traditional archery is thought of as being one of the oldest form of Archery. archery traditions are still prevalent in several parts of the world, every one having its own significance. Conventional bows such as longbows were used by many including the early man. Regardless that compound bows are prevalent at present, still many would rather use traditional bows. The modern day bows are too mechanized and people desire something simpler every time they shoot an arrow. Traditional bows are fun to use as they’re simple and user friendly.

Traditional archery can quite literally become a piece of your life. Conventional bows that include recurves and long bows have an pleasing form. Shooting with traditional bows is, in and of itself, a challenge. You have to get better at them in order to aim accurately. In conventional archery the archer can fire arrows effortlessly and smoothly. Traditional Archery has awesome historical and cultural significance. It is normal and simple and serves to be very calming and recreational. Roaming with traditional bows is an extremely healthy exercise.

SA Sports Crusader Recurve Crossbow Claw Polish part 1
This is part one of about an hour’s worth of video. I show you how I took care of the problem with the SA-Sports Crusader Recurve Crossbow’s issue of damaging strings when shooting. This damage is caused by rough/sharp edges on the string claw in the trigger assembly.

This video is for informational purposes only. SA-Sports, YouTube, nor myself take any responsibility for any injuries to yourself or others,or damage to your crossbow or any other property of yours or anyone else’s as a result of attempting to do what’s displayed in this video.

As always be safe.

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