FINALLY! The Female Orgasm Demystified

Posted by dieggo98 on December 11, 2015
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FINALLY! The Female Orgasm Demystified

This book contains hot discussions on the following topics:

Myth or Fact: Female Ejaculatory Orgasms
Understanding the G-Spot
What’s Happening During the Female Orgasm?
Female Orgasm: How to Achieve It
Female Orgasm Techniques and Tips
How to Give a Female an Orgasm –
Solo Female Orgasm Can Help Improve Sex with Your Partner
A Female Orgasm Guide Can Help You Have a Better Sex Life
Achieving Female Orgasms During Intercourse
How Can You Have Multiple Female Orgasms?

Orgasms are so good for you. They help you sleep. They make you happy. They bring you closer to your partner. They alleviate pain. We don’t need anyone or anyone else to have them. They are the universe’s most perfect gift. Masturbate. Learn what you like. Talk to your partner. Don’t worry about making him or her “feel bad.”

Tell your partner what works and what doesn’t, what you want and what you don’t. This is about you as much as it is about your partner. And you’re not broken, at all. Women are not built to come from having a penis put inside them. They are built to make babies from having a penis put inside them. So enough with the procreative sex for recreation. It’s not about making babies. It’s about making orgasms. So tend to the clit. The clit is where it’s at.

Orgasm equality between the sexes is a feminist issue because it’s like all feminist issues — it’s about women catching up to men in order to gain equality. For most hetero couples, sex ends when the man comes. That’s crazy. Just crazy. Why would any women sign up for that? Women are not vessels for male pleasure. They are not masturbation sleeves. Either both partners come or ain’t nobody coming as far as I’m concerned.

You don’t need a pill. You deserve to be having orgasms. It’s really as simple as that.

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