How to Last Longer in Bed | 3 Things About Premature Ejaculation You Should Know!

Posted by dieggo98 on December 12, 2015
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How to Last Longer in Bed | 3 Things About Premature Ejaculation You Should Know!
Now, Do You Ejaculate Too Fast During Sex? Stop! 3 Things About Premature Ejaculation You Should Know!

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• Am I ejaculating too fast during sex? Do women find my lack of sexual stamina laughable? Am I really pleasing my girl in bed each time I have sex? Do these sound like questions you have been asking yourself lately? If they do, don’t be ashamed about it. In fact, as many as forty percent of men have some issues about not lasting long enough in bed. So you are definitely not alone in finishing too soon during sex. Some guys have it so bad that they ejaculate the moment they penetrate their partners.

• How long does the average man last in bed?

Five to ten minutes is a common yardstick, although most men are closer to five minutes. Considering the fact that most women take an average of fifteen minutes to reach an orgasm through vaginal penetration, it only means that the vast majority of women are unable to experience the full pleasures of lovemaking.

• Is lasting longer always better?

Most men think so. BUT here’s the simple truth. You only need to last as long as it takes for her to get an orgasm. And it does not even need to be through vaginal penetration! You see, women are capable of reaching a climax through a variety of means. Foreplay, oral sex, and yes – even, mental seduction is known to cause an orgasm in a woman! As long as she receives her orgasm, the amount of time you spend penetrating her does not really matter. Hint: Take your time during foreplay and bring her to a climax before intercourse. Even if you do not last 30 seconds into intercourse, you are way better than 99% of all men!

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