How To Last Longer in Bed?

Posted by dieggo98 on December 12, 2015
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How To Last Longer in Bed?
Hi, I’m Justin
Today I’m going to tell you a true story that happened to me not so long ago.
I was living and studying in a very conservative country until recently. when I finished my bachelor degree, I moved to Berlin in Germany at the age of 22.
Having lived in a conservative country I really didn’t get to have much sexual experience or sex partners, it’s only when I left my country is when I started to live my sex life.
Problem is, I had no experience what so ever. And I started learning by doing all the possible mistakes, however – I faced one big problem that frustrated me.
So I used to go out… meet a girl in the club… take her contact details and then go out with her on a few dates. everything was fine until I got lucky and we had sex. All of a sudden she’s got excuses to not go out with me, she’s ignoring my phone calls and basically I understood that she doesn’t want to see me again. I didn’t know what was the problem – I’m an average looking guy – I got an athletic body that I get compliments about all the time – My manhood size is definitely above average so I really didn’t know what was the problem. The thing is, girls don’t tell you anything – they just run away. after a while I figured out myself that my Stamina or in other words – how much time I can last in bed was actually my problem. and I was really frustrate.
Just like anyone else would do, I searched in Google for a solution. The most common one that I read about was exercising the pc muscle – by holding it for 5 seconds and letting go after, and doing that repeatedly – now it’s true – this does help – but not only by itself – The mind and the feeling need to be trained as well. Just like everything else – this one takes practice but it’s really hard to practice on women since they run away each time and none of them wants to be your lab mouse. so that’s what I did – I went online to a website called and bought myself some quality sex toy for men – which was basically an artificial vagina made out of some spongy material that feels almost like the real thing – some people say it’s better but I’ll leave it for you to decide.
I started using it on a daily basis while watching some really arousing porn of my choice. each time I felt like coming I would hold myself back and try to go a bit more time. after a while I could go for around 45 minutes – but the fact is that now I control it perfectly and I can cum on demand. The sex that I had with girls after that was simply 100 times better. I could make them reach an orgasm by penetration which never happened to me before, and believe it or not – now I can go for up to 2 hours of continuous sex. for most girls I was the first one they ever experienced such interaction with and guess what? They came back running for more! Now you don’t have to believe me. but that’s a real story from my personal life. I suggest the you go to and see for yourself. Worst case, you would simply buy yourself an amazing sex toy that you’ll definitely enjoy. Good luck!

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