Haemorrhoids Piles and its Homeopathic cure

Posted by kwejack958 on January 06, 2016
What Is Premature Ejackulation

Haemorrhoids Piles and its Homeopathic cure
Haemorrhoids Piles and its Homeopathic cure
(পাইলস, অর্শ এবং তার হোমিওপ্যাথিক মুক্তি)
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Aassalamu Aallaikum (The blessings and mercy of almighty ALLAH be upon you). Thank you so much for giving me opportunity to help you.


(1) Thuja occidentalis CM
(Take this homeopathic medicine 1 drop / 10 pills only one dose in your whole life [be careful, no repeat without my permission]).

(2) Sulphur 30
(Take this homeopathic medicine 1 drop / 5 pills daily morning for 02 weeks or more.)
(3) Nux vomica 30
(Take this homeopathic medicine 1 drop / 5 pills daily evening for 02 weeks or more.)

Try to buy Germany or U.S.A. made medicine. Stop the medicine for a few days if your disease condition aggravates. Do not change my recommendation on potency and dose, otherwise you may get no benefit. But you can take the nearest potency if the recommended potency is not available in the local market. Yea, it is better to take all homeopathic medicines in empty stomach ; but you can take them after meal if you forget. Write to me after 2 weeks with a brief account of changes you got from the medicine and then i will prescribe new medicines if necessary. For a follow-up advice you should send the old mail as a reply and remove unnecessary part of your mail for a speedy feedback.

warm regards
Dr. Bashir Mahmud Ellias


if they does not help you-
(1) Aesculus Hippocastanum 30
(Take this homeopathic medicine 1 drop / 5 pills 2 times daily for 02 weeks or more.)

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