How To Last Longer In Bed For Men Yahoo Answers – Training to Stop Early Ejaculation

Posted by kwejack958 on January 05, 2016
What Is Premature Ejackulation

How To Last Longer In Bed For Men Yahoo Answers – Training to Stop Early Ejaculation
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How To Last Longer In Bed For Men Yahoo Answers – Training to Stop Early Ejaculation

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Learning ways to last longer in bed is probably one of the core missions every man looks to complete at least once in his lifetime. However to stop early ejaculation or to develop techniques for lasting longer in bed is not something that is done overnight. With over 40% of males being affected at one point in their life either due to anxiety or simply inexperience it is no wonder there are so many lotions and potions that suggest a quick fix. This article is only concerned with natural ways to last longer in bed and to stop early ejaculation.

Psychological Barriers to Lasting longer in Bed

The most common causes are:

Inexperienceis simple that, you do not know much about your bodies reactions or what positions can make a man last longer in bed and in turn you find that you prematurely ejaculate. This is something that will take time and is common to nearly everyman.

Anxiety issuesis usually developed from the initial inexperience of sex then coupled with the worry of never being able to improve and stop early ejaculation during sex. If this is the case then you do not need to worry so much, just by listening to your breathing and counting to three on each inhale and exhale you can vastly improve your ability to last longer in bed or stop early ejaculation.

Conditional based premature ejaculation is caused by having intercourse or masturbation where your goal has been to ejaculate quickly, either due to a lack of time or wanting to masturbate repeatedly in a short amount of time. If this sounds like you then you may need to expect a longer period of around a month or so to notice differences as you need to unlearn the ‘skill’ you developed.

Top Three Techniques to Last Longer in Bed and to Stop Early Ejaculation

1. Breathing, yes it seems strange but the physiological response on the build-up to ejaculation is a racing heart, quick breathing and other uncontrollable feelings. By concentrating on keeping your breathing slow and steady you can slow your heart rate and decrease the physiological factor.

2. Stop and start technique, the stop and start technique is essentially as it says… start and then once you feel close to ejaculating stop. Wait until the feeling has passed and then carry on. Doing this is a great way to remove classical conditioning caused by rapid and quick masturbation from an early age.

3. Squeeze Technique. What is the squeeze technique for premature ejaculation? To train yourself to last longer in bed with this technique you need to squeeze just below the head of your penis when you feel that you are close to ejaculation. The squeezing will reduce the feeling and ease pressure.

Using these techniques as ways to make yourself last longer in bed or stop early ejaculation will take time and effort. Do not expect mastery of your ejaculation response or even an increase in duration of sex for at least a month of training each day. Just don’t give up.

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