Optimum Nutrition Creatine Review | Most Cost Effective Creatine?

Posted by kwejack958 on January 06, 2016
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Optimum Nutrition Creatine Review | Most Cost Effective Creatine?
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Optimum Nutrition Creatine Review.
Some people love to stick to the basics, the tried and tested. That’s what optimum nutrition creatine is all about. To understand the product better let’s take a look at the label.
No big promises, no one liners from marketing executives. It simply states the facts. Each serving will provide you with 1000 mg’s of creapure creatine. To get a good feel for optimum creatine, let’s see what the real consumers have been saying about this supplement. Time for some social proof!
Reported Pro’s:
1) Very cost effective
2) Will increase your strength
3) Will decrease recovery time
4) Will help you to gain muscle mass

Reported Con’s:
1) You may feel bloated
2) Doesn’t mix perfectly
3) Doesn’t taste great
4) Some find it to not be very effective

Looks like a honest and effective creatine. Let’s see what the ratings have to say, here we see that bodybuilding.com provides us with 403 ratings scoring a very respectable 8.9. Supplement reviews.com shows 27 ratings scoring 8.6. This gives us a total of 430 ratings scoring a solid 8.88. This is looking like a credible creatine, let’s look at the active ingredients.
Active Ingredients (5 g per serving):
– Since there are no fillers in this product, the ingredient list is very simple.
– This is nothing more than CreaPure creatine micronized monohydrate consisting of a 99.99% purity.
– What you might not know is what creatine monohydrate is made out of.
– Creatine is simply 3 different amino acids combined together.
– These amino acids occur naturally in foods such as fish and beef.
– To fully understand them, let’s go over each one individually.

– This amino acid is produced by the body, but people can still be deficient in L-arginine.
– This amino acid is known for helping to get rid of waste and synthesizing proteins.
– Creatinine is a bi product when creatine is broken down in the stomach.
– It’s a little ironic how creatine creates this toxin, and then an amino acid in creatine helps to discharge it.
– It’s not a perfect circle though, and because of this creatine can be harmful if abused.

– This amino acid has many mental benefits along with physical.
– It has a certain calming effect on the brain and may help with schizophrenia.
– It’s also effective at getting rid of lactic acid build up in the muscles.
– It contributes to the stimulation of the human growth hormone and cell volumization.
– It will also aid in muscle recovery and boost one’s energy effectively.

– Amino acid that helps the body to eliminate un-needed fat cells and build upon muscle fibers.
– It may also help to treat liver disease which is worth noting since creatine has been known as being hard on one’s liver. (This is why proper hydration is crucial)
– It’s very important when trying to build additional strong healthy muscle tissue.
– This amino acid is of course essential for the production of creatine in the body.
– In other news, it may help with premature ejaculation (So if you secretly need help with that… There ya go).

Final Verdict
This creatine doesn’t make insane promises, but seems to over deliver the goods. The user can expect something that:
– Increases strength
– Decreases recovery time
– Increases Endurance
– Helps to gain muscle mass
However, with that said, the draw backs to consider are that:
– May make you feel bloated
– Doesn’t mix perfectly
– Doesn’t seem to be effective for everyone
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