The Creepiest Band You Will Ever Hear

Posted by kwejack958 on January 06, 2016
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The Creepiest Band You Will Ever Hear
This is the back story in English about the infamous but not so popular Nattramn from the Black Metal Band “Silencer”.

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The story you’re about to hear we don’t even know if its true or not, but what we do know, its pretty disturbing.

Nattramn is the lead singer of a Swedish black metal band named Silencer. The band only consisted of two members. His real name, date of birth, and all other personal information is currently unknown. His face has never been revealed and only a few pictures of him are found on the internet. But thats what the majority of people think.

If you’re new to black metal, well, you might be a bit disturbed listening to his music.

Nattramn is subject to many rumors, such as cutting off his own hands during a recording, only to personally sew pig’s feet onto his bloody stumps.

The other rumor, may not be as bizarre as the last one, but definantly more disturbing, Nattramn allegedly drove an axe into the skull of a 5 year old girl in 2001, failing to kill her by mere milimeters. As police arrived on the scene, he attempted to commit suicide-by-cop by shouting “Kill me! Kill me!” with the axe still in his hands.

The cops distracted Nattramn using police dogs while another officer snuck up behind the crazed musician and brought him down. The report on the incident is linked in the description below. Nattramn was committed to the Psychiatric Ward, where he stayed for the next 5 years. Because he was institutionalized, like he needed to be, this forced silcencer to break up. Given only a synthisizer, Nattramn was offered to write and record music as therapy and rehabilitation during one year – a project he named Diagnose: Lebensgefahr. He made only 300 copies of this album, each one containing vials of blood people think may have come from Nattramn himself.

The label Humani Animali Liberati claims to be the central hub of all things Nattramn, stating:

HAL is the only official forum for all news and non news concering Nattramn, Diagnose: Lebensgefahr and Silencer. Nattramn has no affiliation with myspace, facebook or any other useless communities. Do you want reliable information? Do you want the truth? – VISIT HAL

Hunt down the betrayer! Rape the impersonator! Kill the impostor!

Its kind of sad that HAL is the only person this guy talks to.

Nattramn also has one more unkown black metal project in which only 9 copies were made.

It has also been said that Nattramn hand drew a dark horse on the vinyls which he gave to a few individuals.

He kept one vinyl for himself in which he vomited, ejaculated, bled, and urinated on. The jacket cover for this vinyl was rumored to be made with one of the nurses in the mental hospital Nattramn became close with.

I’m just glad this guy made a few friends, or that nurse may be mental herself.

Nattramn later released a book he wrote called Grisjarta, mostly consisted of poems of suicide, and Nattramn’s life dating from late 1900’s to present day, both in english and sweden, as well as photos of Nattramn.

Some people think Nattramn is still alive, or commited suicide, some people thought he never existed, which was proven false as he made multiple music pieces and there are very rare pictures of him on the internet.

Now you heard the story, but now you must hear the truth.

Nattramn’s real name is Mikeal Nilsson, he was born in 1977 and lives in Markaryd in Sweden.

Nattramn never attacked a girl with an axe. Instead, it was his brother who did it. His brother was in a psychotic rage at the time. Afterwards, he commited suicide because he couldn’t bear the idea of almost killing a child. Nattramn was shocked by his brother’s suicide and never got over it. Besides, if you looked at the report on the incident, it never mentioned the name of the killer, or even stated that he was a musician.

Nattramn did not cut off his hands and sew pigs feet on, as the photos of him on the Grisjarta book, released after Silencer and Diagnose: Lebensgefahr, there are multiple pictures of him with his hands still on. However, Nattramn did cut him self in various places to experience intense pain during a recording as can be heard in the ending of Taklamakan by Silencer.

That’s all for me, remember, it may be too strange to believe, but that’s what happenes living in such an amazing life. I’m your host, George The Hamster, signing out.

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