Ways to Control Premature Ejaculation

Posted by kwejack958 on January 05, 2016
What Is Premature Ejackulation

Ways to Control Premature Ejaculation
http://www.stoppetoday.com Men are powerful creature that loves being in control and able to manage everything. But there’s one thing they’re very scared of since it’s like a sign of weakness and inability. That problem is premature ejaculation. Men would keep the problem a secret because they’re afraid what others would think of them. They would try to find solutions by their own, whether using medication or natural remedies. But they could always find ways of controlling premature ejaculation.

There’re some and different ways to control it. Men could always try to:
• Think less of their problems
Most men would have this kind of problem when they’re stressed out. If they pay attention too much on their problems, they would most likely fail and keep having the problems. When they’re included in sexual activity, they should focus more on the activity and forget about everything.
• Use the method of stroking
They could always try to masturbate by stroking their tools up and down. It’s like penetration. Think about the sensation only; don’t mind the premature ejaculation or how to make it last longer. With only focusing on the sensation, they will learn how to enjoy it.
• Get to know their body and the sensation
When they’re masturbating, they should focus on the sensation they feel. They should focus on the ticklish feeling they feel right before the ejaculation so that they could stop before they reach this level.
• Get themselves comfortable
Once they recognize the ticklish feeling, they shouldn’t stop or think about how to prolong it. Just let it ride and let the ejaculation happens. Repeat this method at least for three times. This method is designed so that people could know the signs and make them comfortable.
• Learn to control start and stop
When they already know the way to recognize the ticklish feeling, they could start the exercise. Don’t use additional sex toys, lubricant, or blue films. Although it’s good to fantasize, they should try to learn to control themselves. It’s their bodies and they need to have deeper bonds with their own bodies.
• Begin the exercise
They could stimulate their bodies and when the ticklish feeling start to build up, they could stop it. They should recognize how their bodies respond to the decreasing sensation and how the penis area feel. Once everything is calm, they could start the masturbation again.
• Do the exercise on daily basis.
Remember, the exercise is designed to make them familiar with their own bodies. Once they manage to control their penis response, they could start using lubricants or sex toys. And once they’re confident enough, they could include a partner.

Once they’ve managed to recognize their own body responses and control it, they should no longer have problems with premature ejaculation.

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